Modern extraction technique under palm trees

Jamaica is more than holiday paradise and home country of the world’s fastest runner – even in Jamaica sophisticated interior made out of high quality timber is produced. Since 1985 Dougall Flooring Ltd. produces floor coverings, windows and doors out

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Energy-saving painting for large forklift trucks

HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK builds new painting centre for forklift sales company Wolfgang Schlüter GmbH

In the current issue of the journal "Besser lackieren" is a report concerning our last projects for surface technology. Please find the report available for download here.

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Information seminar "Quo Vadis energy efficiency"

Regular information and educational events keep our employees always up to date. At the recent event on June 20th, 2014 with the subject „Quo Vadis energy efficiency“ we were focussing our gaze towards the future of energy production and consumption.
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Pante Furniture Factory Invests in New Fabrication and Extraction Technology

The Pante furniture factory in Schledehausen is a supplier for the furniture industry, specialising in the fabrication of furniture carcasses and the assembly of prefabricated furniture components.

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Another giant leap

Hilter a.T.W. It started two years ago with the new office building and will finish this November with the opening of the new logistics centre: Höcker Polytechnik can face

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HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK celebrates its 50th anniversary

Just like in the early days, with a full commitment to clean air and much else besides More than 45,000 sets of equipment have been delivered during the first fifty years of HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK’s existence, ranging from mobile dust-extractors to

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The new generation mobile dust extractors

The innovative Vacumobil 250 and 300 mobile dust extractors from HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK set entirely new standards for extraction in production machinery and for air quality control.

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MultiStar filter units now with EW 90 fire safety certificate!

As the required security clearance for a filter system to a building with non-fire walls is 5 metres, we have decided to subject our MultiStar filter systems to a fire safety inspection.

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Clean air at the Cape of Good Hope Industrial systems "made in Hilter" achieves international acclaim

Whereas the German national team during WM 2010 in South Africa has to content with third place, German industrial technology "made in Hilter" was able to notch up more success in South Africa

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Warendorfer Küchen GmbH invests in modern extraction technology from Höcker Polytechnik and realises tremendous savings

Warendorfer Küchen GmbH, formerly known under the brand name Miele Die Küche – and now under WARENDORF – started using 3 large-scale filter systems

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