Warendorfer Küchen GmbH invests in modern extraction technology from Höcker Polytechnik and realises tremendous savings

Warendorfer Küchen GmbH, formerly known under the brand name Miele Die Küche – and now under WARENDORF – started using 3 large-scale filter systems supplied by

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Fortunate follow-up regulation for K.V.T. combustion technology

In good hands: As of 1st February the baton is taking up from Höcker Polytechnik, Hilter

As of 1st February 2011 Höcker Polytechnik GmbH has taken over the business of K.V.T combustion technology from Rödinghausen. The founder and previous owner Hermann Knickmeier has

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BrikStar converts wood waste into briquettes

Décor Moulding and Paneling, part of Décor Group, Mississauga, ON, says it has found a way to turn more profit on its sawdust and other wood waste,

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HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK presents a new metal briquetting press with an overdrive-cylinder.

This new generation of hydraulic briquetting presses, BrikStar MD, for the production of high density metal briquettes allows an up to 70% higher throughput with very high briquette compaction. In addition to the recovery of squeezed-out

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Trumpf Biegezelle (Bending Cell) TruBend 5170sx with BendMaster 150

Last Friday, at the headquarters in Hilter, one of the most modern and, in this form, largest CNC sheet metal bending centres in Germany went into operation.

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Paint Star PFW - Proven technology improved again

The proven over many years paint mist extraction system PaintStar achieves, in comparison to many other paint mist extraction systems, a very high filtration efficiency and longer employment periods through the use of two filter stages.

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Bagging carousels create automated options for the sale and disposal of briquettes

For companies that produce significant quantities of briquettes from their waste materials, HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK has now developed a carousel for the automated bagging of briquettes and presented it for the first time at LIGNA in Hannover.

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PaintStar PFW proven technique - further improved

Using two filter stages the proven paint mist exhaust system PaintStar achieves since many years compared with many other paint mist exhaust systems a very high filtration efficiency and longer service lives.

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New Trumpf punch-nibbling machine goes on line

In 2008/2009 one of the most modern and fast sheet metal forming machines goes on line at the head quarter in Hilter. The Trumpf punch-nibbling machine works more powerful and more efficient than the predecessor model; the power rating and the consumption of the operating

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New product pages go online

The design of the German Höcker Polytechnik product pages has been completely revised and extended. Very shortly the foreign

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